Arkansas Underage Drinking Report

Arkansas Underage Drinking

Drinking alcohol is just a phase all kids go through; they'll grow out of it. It's simply a rite of passage.

Many don't grow out of it. Those who start drinking before they're 21 are more likely to drink more later in life versus those who do not drink until they are 21. And, they continue this pattern through their 20s. And while we wait for them to "grow out of it", they're:

a. dying in car crashes (an average of eight American youth under age 21 die every day in alcohol-related crashes);

b. getting hurt in accidents such as falls, burns, and drowning;

c. contracting sexually transmitted diseases;

d. becoming teenage parents;

e. committing crimes (physical assault, sexual assault, vandalism, robbery, theft, homicide, etc.);

f. becoming physical and sexual assault victims; and

g. costing society a considerable amount of money.


Don't panic. Here you can get the information, facts and answers to those tough questions so that you can talk about making the smart, responsible
and legal choice to stay alcohol free until the age of 21.


Schools and teachers have a significant impact on an adolescent's life. The climate and cohesiveness of a school can play an important role in the development of an adolescent's self-identity.

Community Leaders:

The attitudes and actions of a community play a critical role in the behavior and development of teens. Lax attitudes and actions regarding underage drinking fosters an environment of acceptance and dangerous teen drinking behaviors.

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